Our Vision

To see the Kenya Coastal area with a well-protected environment inhabited by dignified people having sustainable livelihoods, fully enjoying the benefits of development in a manner harmonious with the natural environment.

Our Mission

To research, design and implement life-changing environmental and developmental programs and livelihood schemes that alleviate environmental degradation, climatic change risks and deepening poverty in collaboration with relevant stakeholders so as to ensure holistic sustainable development for the poorest, most neglected communities in remote and marginal areas, in a way that preserves and promotes local cultures and fragile ecosystems.

Our interventions include the following focus areas:

  • Environmental research, conservation, rehabilitation and education,
  • Food security and Livelihood Development,
  • Eradication of harmful traditional practices and gender-based violence
  • Capacity building and social development of the local community
  • Rural community economic support and enterprise development

Our Values

The core values upon which COSEED is founded guide us in our fulfilling our mission:

Development without destruction (Sustainability)

COSEED brings the benefits of modernity to the underserved in the most remote areas and communities of the Kenyan coast, in a way that embraces the best of their livelihoods, and cultural heritage that sustains their ecological base. We believe in a sensitive and nuanced approach to development that values and recognizes the opportunities in ecological heritage. Our development solutions ensure the protection of fragile ecologies that characterize many of the locales in which we operate, sustainably integrating the rich environmental resources into our initiatives where appropriate. We also seek to blend the traditional with the modern, adopting appropriate technologies that complement and respect traditional knowledge and crafts to sustain environments.

Empowerment for enabling choices (Dignity)

COSEED believes in the transformative power of marginalized communities to come together and in their innate strength and will to shape their own future and environment. We believe this capacity to be essential to human dignity. We act as change-enablers, nurturing potential in communities downtrodden by mainstream society, who have not the means but the imagination, ingenuity and drive to better their lives and improve the prospects for their children. We build capacity at the grassroots, facilitating self-management of resources through the establishment of social structures and supports able to sustain themselves. We equip impoverished communities with the tools and know-how to propel themselves to social and economic prosperity.

Integrated development (Real impact)

COSEED believes that development initiatives are most effective and sustainable when fully addressing the interlinked social, economic, environmental and political factors and root causes of poverty. We take a comprehensive approach, combining research, advocacy, awareness raising, resource inputs, and training, working with communities across related themes such as sustainable environmental resources management and gender, water security and agriculture, healthcare and nutrition, education and social norms – all of which are impacted by cross-cutting issues like climate change, gender, protracted conflict, and governance that represent strategic priorities for COSEED. By designing development solutions with multiple, mutually supportive elements, our projects have a track record of unaided continuity in the long term.

Building relationships (Collaboration)

COSEED believes in bringing people together for collaborative action. We believe that in combining our strengths with those of other key stakeholders, we create synergies for greater efficiency and improved outcomes. We work in coordination with the likes of educational and research institutions, NGOs and civil society, industry, county and national governments and international institutions and organizations. But just as important to COSEED are the long-term relationships we foster with beneficiary communities through sensitive dialogue and sustained engagement. We engage across key pillars of community life, including fishing communities, schools, health centers, police and local authorities, cultural institutions and employers, harnessing the breadth and depth of ideas, skills and experience, for collective and efficient response to unique development challenges.