Environmental Audit (EA)

COSEED provides environmental audit consultancy services which involve conducting an annual systematic evaluation of activities and processes in a project, facility or establishment to check how they conform with the Environmental management policies. A comprehensive EA is essential in promoting safety, health, and sustainability in the environment at all stages of project operations.

The objective of an Environmental Audit is to help National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) determine if proponents of projects or establishments are complying with the environmental legislation and requirements in place. NEMA is mandated to manage environmental audits and all audits carried out are submitted to the agency for review.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

COSEED provides consultancy to help clients identify and evaluate the potential impacts (beneficial and adverse) of development and projects on the environmental system. It is a useful aid for decision-making based on an understanding of the environmental implications including social, cultural and aesthetic concerns which could be integrated with the analysis of the project costs and benefits. This exercise should be undertaken early enough in the planning stage of projects for the selection of environmentally compatible sites, process technologies and such other environmental safeguards.