Did you know climate change is a major threat to sea turtles? Rising sea levels are drowning nesting beaches, warmer water temperatures damage coral reefs, and warmer sand skews their sex ratios. Learn more: www.seeturtles.org/global-warming #SeaTurtleWeek

Turtle hatchlings face an extraordinary gauntlet of predators in their early lives, including birds, crabs, fish, and more. Learn more about their dangerous trek from the nest to the water: www.seeturtles.org/baby-turtles #SeaTurtleWeek

Hawksbills are considered by many to be the most beautiful of sea turtles. Unfortunately this beauty is the primary reason they are critically endangered, since their shells are used to make jewelry and other products. Learn more: www.seeturtles.org/too-rare-to-wear #BuyInformed #SeaTurtleWeek

#SeaTurtleWeek wraps up with #WorldSeaTurtleDay! Help celebrate the birthday of Archie Carr, the godfather of sea turtle conservation. www.seaturtleweek.com/world-sea-turtle-day @seaturtleweek

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